A few of my recent projects


Workbook Design & Content

In this project, the client (Montana Money Adventures) provided video content for a course. I created the copy, layout, illustrations, and design of the 15-page workbook using a voice and style consistent with her branding.


Course Cover Image & Lesson Content

This client (Paul David Thompson) needed a new cover image for his course. He also had a video lesson that contained a complicated, multi-step process and needed a visual guide for his audience to refer to.  I created a design template for his course content, wrote the copy, and used visual elements to explain and clarify the steps in the process.


Online Course

This is an example of one of my own courses. I published a 30-minute class on Skillshare to help creatives get into a productive mindset for decluttering. The course includes slides, worksheets, and video content aimed at a wide audience. 

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