A few example projects

Jillian Johnsrud of Montana Money Adventures made a series of 10 videos as an incredible resource for her email subscribers. She has a lot of experience creating video content and already had the tools and know-how to create compelling lessons.

However, she needed a handbook resource for the content.

Here’s how our process went:

Jillian: Hey, I’ve made these videos. Will you watch them, organize the content into worksheets, and make a series of handouts that we can package as a workbook?

Me: Of course, that’s what I do! And the video content is great. I did notice some areas that we will want to clarify further in the materials, and we’ll also want to make sure the illustrations, colors, and fonts are consistent with your branding.

Jillian: Sounds good!

Check out one of Jillian’s videos and the handout I created from it!

Oh, and while you’re at it check out her blog and sign up for her email list.

She has an amazing rags-to-riches story, gives away tons of great content, and is definitely worth getting to know!

Paul of PaulDavidThompson.com reached out to me because one of the lessons in his info-packed course (REI Pathway: Your Roadmap to Freedom) needed a tune-up.

The video content explained a multi-step process that was hard to follow unless you paused it every few minutes.

Paul’s course is chock full of great information.

I distilled the content from his 40-minute video down to a 3-page handout. I refined a flow chart that he had provided, giving each step in the process its own icon so that it was easy to visually follow the process. 

His response? “Wow that is so good. I would have never thought to lay it out like that. That’s incredible! The wording is spot on, too! I can’t say I would suggest a single change.”

Paul is a superstar real-estate investor and an all around great guy. Check out his podcast, you’re sure to come away with some valuable information! 


I, of course, also write and design my own content for e-learning.

My earliest platform was on Teachers Pay Teachers when I was still a classroom language teacher (Spanish and ESL) and my latest venue is Skillshare.

Here’s a recent class I published about decluttering for creatives.

You’ll be able to watch the whole class and access all the materials I created for free when you follow my link.

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