About Me

In 2016, after earning a Master’s Degree in education and teaching Spanish and ESL for 7 years, I sensed it was time for a change. The workload and pace of public education were at odds with raising a young child and my love for travel and writing. I took a risk and left teaching, or so I thought. 

I experimented a lot to find out what I was most passionate about doing for a living. I blogged, wrote guest posts, and ghost-wrote for other bloggers. I tried social media management and learned how to translate my pen and paper drawings into digital works of art. I designed logos and banners for websites, and I explored WordPress and website design. I learned SO MUCH and experienced success, but it wasn’t until I brought in my passion for teaching that everything clicked. 

Which brings us to today! I get to combine my love of teaching, writing, and graphic design with my interpersonal and organizational skills to help people learn.  My clients and their audience benefit from my expertise and I experience the thrill of helping them succeed.

If you are looking for help with your online materials or courses, I would love to talk more!