I am passionate about helping people to make connections to each other, to our communities, and to our planet.

One way I do this is through freelance writing and digital content management. I work with creative entrepreneurs and bloggers in fields as diverse as portrait photography and personal finance to optimize their online engagement through blog content.

With my background in education, writing and editing skills, and artistic talent I am uniquely qualified to assist bloggers in creating courses to offer to their readers.

I also love to work in small groups and one-on-one with students who want to learn a new language. I come to each session well prepared and my students leave with skills and knowledge they can apply right away to communicate with others.

Finally, I take pride in using my langauge skills to help connect English and Spanish speakers through my interpretation services. As a member of a global community I enjoy being a bridge between cultures and facilitating communication and understanding.

If it seems like I have a lot going on, I do! I enjoy taking on a wide range of projects and specializing in the type of work that appeals most to me. I’m able to pick and choose what I work on, which means I approach each project with enthusiasm. Let’s talk today to see if I would be a good fit for your project or needs!