Uber Frugal January – an empty Amazon cart

Empty carts galore! Photo Credit: Kevin Lau via Flickr

This month I’m participating in Frugalwood’s Uber Frugal January. One of her suggestions this week was to put a hold on any purchases until after considering them for 72 hours. That’s right, she says that if you want to buy something you should think about it for 3 days. Oy. My bestie Amazon Prime and I are going to have to redefine our relationship.

I have a soft spot when it comes to educational toys for my daughter, especially if they are Montessori approved. Today she read the book Are you my Mother? by Dr. Seuss at school, and when I picked her up she and another child were happily playing a matching game together. She was clearly captivated by both activities. My natural inclination was to look for a similar matching game on Amazon, but then I realized there had to be a way to avoid spending money.

My first thought was to make a matching game using clip art that I could find online, but then I realized how silly it would be to do that without doing a search to see what was already out there. I found these awesome freebie flashcards of baby and adult animals. Bam! Both of her interests covered in one printable activity!

I have a laminator but am sadly lacking laminating sheets to go into it, so I found 100 sheets on Amazon for $8.38. But I would have to wait for 3 days to order them, and then another 2 days to receive them, and by then Baby Journeys might have lost interest. So, I decided to print out  a couple of the sheets on paper and we will play the game tomorrow. If she enjoys it I will either use the contact paper I already have to make more cards or I will consider buying the laminator sheets. In a few days.

What creative ways have you found to avoid buying things? What do you find worth spending money on even though you could make it yourself? 


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