Montessori Kitchen Cupboard, 2.5 years old

As part of the September cohort of Simone Davies’ (The Montessori Notebook) excellent e-course on Montessorisizing (new word alert!) your home, today I tackled Baby Journey’s kitchen cupboard. At Simone’s suggestion I got rid of most of her plasticware and cleaned out the random stuff that had made it’s way down from the junk drawer above. OSU beer koozy, I’m looking at you!

She was excited about the pitcher of water and glass, we had used them a while ago when she was first learning to drink from a glass and it prompted a half an hour of water play with her discarded plastic cups and a metal baking tray. She was SUPER excited about the little snack dishes and wanted to eat both of them before breakfast. We compromised and she had the grapes with breakfast and the fig bars for a snack. I’m pleased with how the cupboard looks and hope to add some more tools so she can start preparing snacks for herself.



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