My brain is always active, thinking, creating, analyzing, and seeking the path to an authentic and fulfilling life. Things that are important:  creative pursuits, time with friends and family, delicious food, a healthy relationship with my mind, body, and planet.  Things that are not important: impressing other people, cable television, a perfectly clean house.

I am passionate about giving voice to the voiceless. I don’t like bullies or mean people or confrontation. I teach ESL and Spanish in an urban school district and I love it.

I am momma to Moongirl, my sweet and bright soul child. My sweetheart, Mr. Engineer, keeps my feet on the ground when my head is in the clouds.

I am learning to need less, create more, and cultivate gratitude. Every step I take on this journey of life has the potential to teach me more about myself and what is truly important.

Life is a journey; cooking, gardening, living simply, sewing, crafting, home-making, parenting, travel, and fun are part of mine. How about you?

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